Our Heritage - Fiesta by the Handful
Fiesta by the Handful

For the Friday night films.
The Saturday game with the señores.
Or the Sunday sessions with the señoritas.

Whether it’s for a special fiesta or just to spice up your Saturday siesta, Winnuts snacks bring the authentic flavors of Mexico straight into your home on every occasion and any day of the week!

As a personal, family-owned business, we value traditions - and what tradition is better than the fiesta culture we’ve all grown up with (and grown to love)? We believe there’s no compromise on culture and no substitute for taste. That’s why we source the finest quality ingredients and rely on original recipes to transport you right back to la feria without even having to leave your home.

Our Promises to You

Every day is a fiesta if you want it to be. That’s why we aim to always meet a certain standard. Here are the promises from our Winnuts family to yours:

  • Ingredients that would make Abuela proud
  • Unmistakeable authentic Mexican flavors
  • No mass production, handmade with care
  • Traditional secret recipes with soul
  • Primarily sourced and manufactured in the USA
Our Heritage - Our Promises to You
Our Heritage - Mission

We’re on a mission to put the fun in any fiesta with over 20 different traditional Mexican snacks created by quality-oriented artisans. Driven by bringing the tastes of Mexico to your doorstep, we aim to help you become known as the host with the best authentic flavors.

Our Heritage - Vision

Whether it's for hosting the ladies, watching the game with the guys, or impressing your guests, Winnuts strives to provide the USA with the true tastes of Mexico. We take pride in representing the Mexican image with real ingredients, authentic recipes, and traditional tastes.


We're about more than salt, spice, and everything nice. These are the values that underline everything we do.


Every element of how we conduct business adheres to our high standards of ethics and professional behavior.


An undeniable passion for the culture, traditions, and flavors of Mexico is what inspires us every day.

Our Heritage - Values

We foster a safe, supportive environment in which all individuals and staff members feel valued, respected, and embraced.


We're a tight-knit family who believes we do better together, so we treat everyone else like family too.