About Winnuts

Winnuts is a growing family of over 20 different products dedicated to bringing people together and embracing our roots.
Our family-oriented company is committed to staying true to the traditional flavors of Mexico and creating the best snacks.
We exist to make you feel at home no matter where you are.


We have a variety of products
designed to please your
taste buds.


Mexican Flavor
Our products are made with
the quality ingredients and
traditional flavor of Mexico.


Our premium ingredients
give each snack a delicious,
truly authentic flavor.

Homemade Chips

It starts with our potatoes, sourced from farms in Mexico. Then we
slice them with precision and consistency. Consistency is key, so
that every handful is perfectly balanced. Our secret to the perfect
chip is the time and attention we put into our products.


Peanuts and seeds are the heroes of wholesome snacking. We offer a wide variety of delicious nuts and seeds packed
with protein and nutrients. We’ve built our reputation on quality, variety, and taste! You can trust our nutritious
snacks to satisfy your cravings. Grab fun by the handful and unleash the passion for your favorite piece.
With a combination of shapes, tastes and deliciousness, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Puffed Wheat

We provide you with the best flavor experiences for snacks
made the traditional way. We capture the bold flavors of
Mexico in every bag. We keep it simple so that you know
that what you taste is what you’re getting. Now you can
satisfy your cravings with a traditional snack that everyone
will love.


Our traditional Mexican candy is fun and flavorful! Find nostalgic
candy and all the sweet treats you need to satisfy your cravings!


Quality management forms an integral part of the production
process, beginning with the selection of premium ingredients.
These ingredients are carefully selected and processed promptly
in our factory. All the products are manufactured with natural

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