From Mexico with Love

There’s a lot more to great snacks than meets the taste buds. Every day, Winnuts associates are hard at work bringing you
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Super Cantinero
A delicious mix of peanuts, tortilla chips,
chili and garlic. This snack mix comes in a
16oz or 5.25oz package.

Salty Peanuts
Cacahuate Saladito

Virginia style salted peanuts, available
in 16oz and 5.25oz packages.

Party Botanero Mix
It’s a mix of salted peanuts, japanese style
peanuts, corn flour chips, and corn flour
sticks with chili. This party mix is available
in a 15 oz and 5.25 oz package.

Pumpkin Seeds
Semilla de Calabaza

Seeds that you can enjoy in
a 3.52oz package.

Japanese Style Peanuts
Cacahuate Japones

Our delicious peanuts are available
in 5.25oz packages.

Spicy Peanuts
Cacahuate Enchilado

Our spicy peanuts snack is available
in a 5.25 oz package.

Ranch Sticks
A delicious corn chip with chili snack for any occasion. Available in 3.52 oz package.

Puffed Wheat Snacks
Chicharron de Harina

Our classic snack available in
5.35 oz packages.

Palanqueta Mixta
A mix of peanuts, sesame seeds, and
pumpkin seeds with a sweetness that
makes it a candy. Available in
4.64oz packages.

Salty Chips
Papas Caseras con Sal

Available in 6oz. package.

Jalapeño Chips
Papas Caseras Sabor Jalapeño

Available in a 6oz. package.

Spicy Chips
Papas Caseras a la Diabla

Available in a 6oz. package.

Black Sauce Chips
Papas Caseras Salsa Negra

Available in 6oz. package.

Available in a 4 pieces package, 1oz each/piece